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Property Investing

Property Investing Services

At Right House Realty, we provide our clients across the globe with property management solutions. From single-family homes or duplexes to townhomes or condos, we sell only the well-maintained properties. With our outstanding marketing experience, we have been converting vacancies into occupied properties in a much shorter time frame. We are also happy to translate for investors from all over the globe.

Foreign Investors

With over 10 years of experience working with non-U.S. investors, we have tools to own, acquire, and invest in properties within the country.


The Experience You Need

We manage portfolios for non-U.S. investors, spanning such countries as China, Israel, and Japan.


We have experience in accounting preparation and other prerequisites for foreign investors.

  • Tax documents
  • Entity creation
  • 24 Hour Account Access

Feel confident that your investments will be well managed. Enjoy the convenience of getting all your special requirements fulfilled under one roof.

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